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Count Chocula, Hannibal Lecter, James Earl Ray: not welcome in Britain


If you aren’t watching the current British government walk in little circles pee its pants, you’re missing a sweet schadenfreude-y treat. Yesterday’s boob move: revealing that 22 people have been banned from entering the UK in the last nine months. Sixteen of them were named.

Why is that retarded? Wellll, for one thing, there was no particular reason to release that list now. In fact, there’s no practical reason to release it at all. What do we look like, border agents? Why tell us?

For another — eh, go read it. I can just hear the Home Secretary shrieking, “for chrissakes — it’s all Pakistanis and Palestinians! Quick everybody! Think up some evil Jews or Christians or something!”

So they rounded out the list with people who — as far as anyone knows — had no plans to visit Britain.

Think about that — a no-fly list that includes people who didn’t intend to fly. And it took them nine months to think of 22 of them? I mean, if you’re talking purely hypothetically and you have the whole fucking world to choose from, couldn’t you come up with A LOT more than 22 dangerous evil assholes?

And would Michael Savage make your list? Dude. Michael Savage. He’s a rude, mouthy jerk, but come on. He was just sitting in his bathrobe yesterday morning, innocently being his own rude, mouthy jerk self, and bam — some government officially lumps him in with the father rapers and mother stabbers, forbidden by name to travel somewhere he didn’t want to go.

Sue. Sue like the wind!

The Home Office was obviously so desperate to include Righties to break up the monotony of Islamic splodey dopes, they included a pair of Russian skinhead murderers who won’t be out of Russian prison for ten years. A no-fly list that includes people who couldn’t fly if they wanted to and would automatically be rejected as ex-felons in the distant, unlikely possibility that they ever can.

Really, at this point, aren’t you simply making a hypothetical list of the general kinds of things that piss you off?

May 6, 2009 — 7:46 pm
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