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Eating rodents, eating

harvest loaf

The thing above is a harvest loaf. You find them in shops this time of year. Britons serve them at their…naked Gaia-invoking rituals, or whatever damn pagan thing they get up to at harvest time.

chewed soap

Anyhow, the traditional harvest loaf always has a little mouse baked into it.

Meanwhile, the Rat of Badger House has developed a taste for hand soap. Two new bars have vanished from the dish by the kitchen sink in the last week. And I mean vanished — not a trace. That’s got to be a major rodent, right there.

Then this gnawed lump appeared on the pantry shelf. Complete with gnawed wrapper, so it isn’t one of the missing kitchen bars.

I’ve switched to Pear’s (love that herb-y smell!) which seems to have put him off. So far.

What mystifies me is — no piles of waxy rat poops have turned up.



October 27, 2009 — 5:15 pm
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