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Mourning in America


Thanks to AliceH from D-Pud for kicking my tail, I’ve finally got a production version of Zombie Reagan up on the Zazzle site. Two Reagan shirt/mug variants and a bumper sticker. More to come.

Sadly, the product AliceH particularly wanted — Zombie Reagan postage stamps for mailing those critical government forms — is not to be. Violation of the postal guidelines:

• Result: Not Approved
• Policy Violations:

o Design incorporates the name or likeness of a current or former world leader or politician, or a local, regional, national or international leader, religious figurehead, or politician.

I was hoping the undead version wouldn’t count.

Anyhoo, thanks to Alice (and Ace!) I’m well on my way to a cool twenty bucks!

October 28, 2009 — 6:54 pm
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