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Hey, morons!


I was going to post something triumphalist about today’s elections, but it occurs to me that the counts won’t be final for a while. And New Jersey is currently looking like a squeaker.

So why not another attempt to pick the pockets of my pretend internet friends? Yes, that’s right — new crap in my store! I got around to embiggening the Moronosphere News Network logo.

But, wait! There’s a twist! These designs are customizable to include the URL of your very own Moronblog! Just hit the “customize” button in the product information and type in your thang.

That’s right — I’m targeting you at your weakest point: your overweening vanity! WIN!

So whether you regard Ace as your blog’s baby daddy or not, I don’t care. Shit, I don’t care if you never heard of blogging. I’m just trying to con you out of a little scratch here.

But for chrissakes, morons — don’t forget to re-size and re-center the text after you change it, m’kay? I won’t have you getting moron all over my nice designs.

ADDENDUM: Uncle B is getting itchy about the Dead Pool. The prizes, I mean. We promptly mailed out all three and haven’t heard if any of them got there. Enas? Mongo? Princess B? If canned goods aren’t getting past Customs, we’ll have to re-think. (But a magazine surely would be okay).

November 3, 2009 — 9:08 pm
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