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Say, I’m getting really good at this craven attention whoring thing…


Hey peeps, what up? Oh, not much. Friday night. Big storm coming. Well, hey, there is the whole 2009 Weblog Award thing.

I was absolutely floored to discover that my little corner of the webernettertubes, per the Technorati Authority, counts as a Very Large Blog. So I went ahead and nominated myself for that. But if I nominate myself for anything else, I’ll probably go blind.

Yes, my darlings. It’s a hint.

I reckon I could qualify as a humor blog, a conservative blog, or an individual blogger. Oddly, though there is a comic strip category and a photography category, there isn’t an illustration/Photoshop category (not that I’d want to go up against the likes of Worth 1000 or Snapped Shot).

Best design is probably pushing it and Teh Awesomest Blog of Them All is just silly.

Multiple nominations in a single category are not encouraged, but after the initial stampede, hitting the + on a nomination will increase the likelihood it makes it through to the finals. Shoot, you could even uprate some other favorite blogs, if you see one on the list. Oh, and my feed address is http://sweasel.com/feed

And if any of you jokers nominate me for Best LGBT Blog, I’ll find out where you live, come to your home and stitch an AIDS quilt on your lawn.

“You’ll never get anywhere being shy, Stoaty,” my old mother used to say, as she waved her panties high above her head at the incoming fleet.

November 13, 2009 — 4:53 pm
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