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I am SO TOTALLY not making this up!!!

I was going to give you a post about all the swell things we’re going to have in 2010, like antigravity boots and Thanksgiving-dinner-in-a-pill. But then we went to the supermarket and Uncle B put this in the cart. I ’bout wee’d myself.

OMFG! Uncle B is eating cheese out of a Wookey hole!

Turns out, Wookey Hole is a touristy tackfest, like Mammoth Cave or Rock City. It’s now owned by the former owner and ringmaster of Britain’s biggest circus, who declares himself delighted to be bringing cheese back to Wookey Hole.

Ahhhhhh…no. Can’t go on with a straight face. Have a good weekend, everybody!

January 1, 2010 — 6:56 pm
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