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Pass my goddamn bill, goddammit! -=hic=-

Heh. Right. Like I was going to ignore this article: in addition to giving up the smokes totally, Obama’s doctors also counselled “moderation of alcohol intake.” Which sent a titter through the blogosphere.

That’s actually just clumsy phrasing on the Guardian‘s part. If you read the report, it’s clear the doctors recommend continued moderation of alcohol. I don’t believe dude’s a drinker. But, hey — where would I be if I didn’t take the cheap shots?

Sometimes I feel bad about that. Particularly when I remember how fair and gracious the opposition was to George Bush.

Feel free to add to the Dead Pool thread. We don’t wrap that sucker up until somebody dies (and then we start all over again).

March 1, 2010 — 10:17 pm
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