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You’re welcome!

I saw today’s Drudge headline about the Obamacare bill — titled Push! Push harder! — and I was going to give you a graphic of Barack Obama attending Nancy Pelosi in the delivery room. But when I started assembling photos for the montage, it was clear right away there was not enough mind bleach in the whole wide world to clean up that mess once I made it.

So instead, I give you — the lady whose lips are made out of her vagina!

I am absolutely fascinated by these things. It’s a whole genre of trashy rags here. The high end is comprised of magazines which report the goings on of television programs as if they’re actual news, right the way down to these ones, with the lady whose fake tit exploded in Sainsbury’s. There are probably four or five at this tack level at our local newsstand.

I’d buy them every one, if Uncle B didn’t give me the hairy eyeball. Instead, I stand and read the covers while he shops for…I don’t know. Candied lamb spleens or whatever. The headlines on the front are the best part, anyhow.

And I wouldn’t be too smug, Americans. All this means is that Britain’s really dumb people still read for entertainment.

March 4, 2010 — 11:08 pm
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