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Does she or doesn’t she?

Have the votes to pass this comprehensive pile of shit, I mean. I’m guessing…not right this minute. But by next week, who knows?

You know what amazes me? That they let themselves get bogged down in the details at all. They only have to get the vaguest framework passed now, and then they have YEARS to fiddle with the knobs and dials.

Why didn’t Nancy take the public option people and the pro-abortion people aside and say, “look…we have to get our nose in the tent, okay? For god’s sake, don’t queer the deal over something we can change later.”

And I’m guessing that’s exactly what she’s doing. By now, though, this thing is so toxic, even if it passes there’s a good chance it’ll fail in the courts or the states or be starved to death by a Republican majority.

Anyhow, I don’t want to step on my previous post, which is attracting some nice attention (thankee kindly, linkers). Have a good weekend, everyone!

March 12, 2010 — 11:51 pm
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