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Clueless on the hoof

Yep. This year’s crop. I’m pretty sure that one ewe didn’t squeeze out all nine of those lambs, but she was the designated babysitter.

None of the ladies was happy to see us. Two old dears got so agitated, they started head-butting each other really hard. I didn’t know lady sheeps did that.

Anyhow, congratulations nachogranny! Peter Graves folded, in the shortest Dead Pool so far (following the longest Dead Pool so far. Isn’t death funny?). If you would like your delicious spotted dicks, sir or madam, be sure to give me a mailing address. If not…I totally understand.

We start over next Friday, 6pm Weaseltime (note: we haven’t gone to daylight savings yet, so that’s 1pm East Coast and 9am West Coast). All prior guesses are tossed out and we start from scratch, m’kay? So y’all get busy poaching the best choices.

March 15, 2010 — 10:44 pm
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