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You’ll just be walking along, and WHOOF!

Remember all that shit you learned in High School about the fire triangle? You know — fuel, heat, oxygen…take one away and the fire goes out?

Pff! Don’t you believe it. Carelessness causes fires, son. Carelessness. You’ll be walking along, not a care in the world and whoof! Up you go like a Buddhist monk.

I discovered this important scientific fact during nap time (which is right after cookies and juice time but before story time), while I was scrutinizing my bed linen trying to work out of Dunlopillo rhymes with armadillo.

Attentive readers of sweasel.com — at least one of which, I feel sure, there will be some day — may recall that my birthday lands in early May. And that I therefore dawdle around for the first two weeks of the month, making half-hearted posts of more than ordinary lameness, while seldom a sober breath is drawn in Badger House.

It begins…

May 4, 2010 — 10:40 pm
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