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What, this again?

You know, it just figures that my childhood was haunted by scenes from this distasteful lump of schlock. I don’t have any memory of seeing it, but somebody must’ve propped infant me in front of the tube one day for the afternoon creature feature. A couple of images got stuck way down in the deep tissues, right next to the amydgala. Or whatever that brainal thing is we inherited from reptiles.

I had no idea where those visions came from until I was in my twenties and tuned in this camp Vincent Price thing for a laugh.

Yeah, if “laugh” is the sound you make when somebody sticks your frontal lobes in a light socket.

So it was a sure thing Uncle B would buy it for me, wasn’t it? He had no idea I’d even heard of this flick. I just asked him to pick out any Rifftrax film at random, and this is what he came up with.

Rifftrax is what the MST3K guys decided to do when they grew up. Which is basically the same thing they were doing before, but with recent blockbuster movies.

They get away with it because you buy a legit copy of the movie, then you download their MP3 riffing on it and play them both at once. Unfortunately, there are synch issues outside the US, so Uncle B had to buy one of their DVD’s with the riffing and the movie together. Hence it had to be an old movie.

This one.

Of course.

I’ll get my revenge. I’m ‘onna make him watch it, if I can get it to play on the Limeybox.

May 6, 2010 — 9:38 pm
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