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I should learn to knit, really

Wool. One of the side-effects of having sheep fields on three sides of us; bits of this stuff constantly drift surreally across the lawn.

You know, I’m looking out the skylight…it’s 9:30 and there’s still light in the sky. Uncle B recently read in a gardening book that in some parts of the UK (the Northernmost, one assumes) the hours of daylight are as short as seven in Winter and as long as seventeen in Summer.

I wonder if I’ll ever really get used to the rhythms here.

Anyhow, it has finally warmed up a little, so we’ve been out doing gardeny things. Hence posting lameness, as I unplug from the news/politics channel and plug into the weed/prune channel for a while.

I’ve decided to use my awesome plant-murdering powers for good.

May 18, 2010 — 9:21 pm
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