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Okay, can I count them NOW?

Chickens. I has them.

The one on the left — Lucia — is a purebred Mille Fleur pekin bantam pullet. Miss Mapp, on the right, is a buff pekin. They’re about six weeks old — just old enough to come out from under the heat lamp, which we didn’t feel inclined to buy — and the cutest little mothercluckers you ever saw.

They were living temporarily in a large cardboard box in my little workroom, until I heard a fluh-fluh-fluh-fluh-fluh and turned to see Mapp perched on the edge of the box. She flies real good.

So I got busy and put together the chickenhouse (which was surprisingly good quality for a cheap one), though I’m bringing them in at night for a while. They’re still little and it’s still cold. Also, there’s no bottom to the chicken run yet. Meester Fox would have no trouble digging under it and making off with my cheekens.

In two weeks, they go on grownup chicken feed. After that, we can — maybe — expect to see an egg in September or October.

Stoaty Weasel had a farm. Have a good weekend, everyone. Au reservoir!

May 21, 2010 — 9:32 pm
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