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Just one of those days…

If I ever finish this drawing, I think I’ll call it “Gratitude.”

Recycling an old junk drawing today; we had One Of Those. Uncle B had to go see somebody several towns over and on the way back the exhaust system kind of…fell off. Disconnected somewhere under the driver’s seat. That’s when we discovered he’d left his cell phone where we were just at.

Fortunately, we weren’t far from home, so we could put on the emergency flashers and drag that sparking bad boy back to the house, but Uncle B can’t live without his cellphone for long because apparently it doubles as a life support system. I think he uses it to reoxygenate red blood cells or something. So we had to saddle up the Weaselmobile and go back for it.

So not a lot got done today. Run, Al!

August 10, 2010 — 10:07 pm
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