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At midnight, my brain turned into a pumpkin

Yes! This could be my lamest Photoshop EVARRR!

What happened was, I spent the evening working on a P’shop, and it just never really gelled. And midnight rolled around and there I was, stuck.

Doesn’t happen to me very often. Usually, I celebrate my crappiest work right up there with my…somewhat less crappy work.

Hey, recognize that brain? It’s the same brain from yesterday. It turns up at the bottom of the first page of hits on a Google image search of “brain.” It’s sort of my go-to brain for P’shops: nice big three-quarter view set against an easily maskable black background.

Oh, lord…I have a favorite internet brain photo. Somebody pour me a gin and tonic.

September 2, 2010 — 11:30 pm
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