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The Panties of Liberty

I am so not into identity politics. No, scratch that — I really hate identity politics. I have consistently refused to participate in women’s art shows (I can compete in the regular kind just fine, thank you). A lifetime of observing the increasing role of women in politics and the workplace has convinced me the female influence in those places has been mostly bad. Really bad.

A mother is someone who has stuck her finger down the back of somebody’s else’s pants to see if he’s shat himself. That sort of person no longer recognizes boundaries like the rest of us. “None of your business” just doesn’t compute any more.

So it isn’t some reflexively feminist impulse that the number of women candidates on our ticket this year makes me think of this lady. Liberty, up there. That particular seated Liberty was all over our money in the 19th Century (by law, Liberty has to appear somewhere on US coins).

I love this one, because it looks like she’s waving her panties around on a stick. Which totally says “Liberty” to me.


(Okay, it’s a Phrygian cap on a liberty pole, but it’ll always be panties on a stick to me).

Good weekend, all!

September 17, 2010 — 9:17 pm
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