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The Singing Cowboy

The Democrats must cringe every time Harry Reid opens his gob. As usual, Michael Ramirez was a day ahead of me and had a better punchline. Dude is my hero.

By the way, I know there are peculiar liabilities to every job, but how many of you have ever thought to yourself, “I’m drawing Harry Reid’s crotch right now”? Yeah, that’s why I gave him a gun.

Oh! And I talked to my chicken pusher this morning. He hasn’t hatched any Pekin Bantams this year on account of it’s been too cold. He’s got some in the incubator now, should be out in a week. I want them about six weeks old (so I don’t have to faff with heat lamps), so we’re probably talking early April.

And having read everywhere that chickens love cabbages — we have kzillions of cabbages that need uprooting before the Spring planting — Uncle B and I chased chickens all around the garden with cabbage today. I think it’s fair to say, they are fucking terrified of cabbage. And completely uninterested, even when it’s torn into little chicken-beak-sized bits.

But it did bring up an interesting question: do chickens fart? The answer is no. Probably.

Good weekend, everyone!

March 11, 2011 — 7:32 pm
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President Firstlady

So the whole Middle East is bursting into flame, the Mid West is exploding in union thuggery, public broadcasting is disappearing up its own asshole, they’re holding hearings on radicalized Islam on Capitol Hill…ummm…two wars, economy in meltdown, and the President of the United States is holding a two day summit on…bullies?!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Is there no-one in his entourage who gets how big the office is, and how small this makes him look? This is the kind of pointless frippery First Ladies wile away their tenure on. He looked more presidential pardoning the freaking turkey last year.

All politics aside, this is not good. These are serious times; an unserious president puts the whole West in danger.

p.s. Anybody who has a disproportionately big brother will recognize this maneuver. My big brother had almost a decade in years, a foot and a half in height and a hundred pounds in weight on me. All he had to do was lay a palm on my forehead, and no amount of thrashing was the slightest use. This was a gambit so effective, the only possible counter was to grow up and move away.

— 12:42 am
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