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By now, I know you’re all asking yourselves, “sure, but what does Stoaty think about this here Libya adventure?”

In principle, I’m all for it. We should have smashed Gadaffi flat forty years ago.

Having such explicit anti-assassination policy is extremely stupid of us. And kind of unAmerican. In the case of Gaddafi (or Castro or Saddam), we’re saying it’s morally better to let millions of little guys suffer and thousands die than to kill the one raving nutcase princeling causing the problem. Doesn’t add up.

Not that we should travel ’round the world killin’ bad guys. That’s an idea for a comic book, not a foreign policy. But we also shouldn’t promise faithfully that we’ll never, ever target the man at the top, even when he has American blood on his hands.

Telling enemies in advance all the bad things you’re not going to do under any circumstances is strategically dumb.

But this thing? This has Operation Clusterfuck written all over it with a Sharpie. A few weeks ago, we might have made a big difference with a small intervention. Now? God knows.

Nobody’s in charge. Nobody knows what the mission is. Obama’s doing his best not to get any of it on him. Oh, and for all we know, the rebels we’re protecting are ululating Islamist douch-hats like we’re busy killing in other parts of the world.

So, yes, I’m against this operation just because Obama is in office. But it’s not about his politics, it’s about his naked incompetence.

March 23, 2011 — 8:59 pm
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Harbqll wins the dick with Liz Taylor. And it’s about damn time somebody in the Dead Pool croaked, says I.

You know what that means. Harbqll, if’n you want your dick, drop me a line. The rest of you…Friday, six p.m. Weasel Blog Time, the new pool goes up. We aren’t on British Summer Time yet, but I truly have no idea if that affects WBT.

Check the timestamp. Be here or be squeer.

— 1:45 pm
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