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Big dumb boy

Wow. Lindsey Graham is a hard man to caricature. Turns out, if you exaggerate any of his features, the result looks less like him. Fundamentally, everything about the guy is squish.

So I just made him shiiiiiiny.

Dear future visitors to this post: Lindsey Graham has said that free speech should have limitations.

Dear Republicans of South Carolina: DO BETTER NEXT TIME. KTHXBAI.

Though, if I’m reading it right, “next time” is 2014? Oof!

While we’re on the topic of speech, you do realize if the crowded theater really is on fire, you have every right to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater — and, in some places, a legal obligation to do so? Which makes shouting “FIRE!” in a theater you do not believe to be on fire less of a speech issue and more of a fraud issue, as far as I’m concerned. Like saying, “I’m a doctor; let me give you a breast exam” or “will you assassinate my wife for $10,000” aren’t really First Amendment issues.

Sorry for the digression, but that whole “FIRE!” thing gets on my nerves. It’s lazy and sloppy.

April 5, 2011 — 10:35 pm
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