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As a matter of fact, we ARE spring chickens

SQUEEEEE! (Also in color).

We took a long drive through the South Downs today (gas: $8.66/gallon US, e-yow) to Middle Farm and bought these two lovely birds.

Pekin bantams again. The one on the left is Victoria, a partridge, and the one on the right is Violet, a lavender.

Victoria was the given the name of Vita Sackville-West (two posts down) and Violet was her lover of many years. Though Vita and her husband were genuinely and deeply in love with each other (and he was into boys or llamas or little white dogs or something). Whatever — CHICKENS!

Tomorrow they will see sunshine and walk on grass for the very first time, and we will begin the long, ticklish business of introducing them to the flock, AKA the other two.

And thus my poultry inventory is complete.

April 20, 2011 — 9:38 pm
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