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Sad chicken demands cuddle

Heh. Just seeing how many chicken pictures I can post before my readership clucks and pecks gravel. And flies away. Truth is, I’m so deep into my country idyll at the moment, I hardly turn the computer on until sundown. It’s Spring, peeps!

Don’t worry — it’s only a matter of time before Obama does something stupid and photogenic. I’m there!

Mad Mapp is still broody. I shut her out of the henhouse in the morning, where she alternates hopping into my lap for a cuddle and lunging at the babies, making them squeak and flap. Lucia is so cheezed off at Mapp’s crazy auntie routine, she’s laying eggs in the flower border around back.

Yeah, the shade of Walt Disney called. He’s like, “can you dial it down a notch? You’re making me plotz down here.”

April 26, 2011 — 9:51 pm
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