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What the Sam Hill happened to this bunny?! He showed up yesterday on the wildlife camera.

Kind of hard to see in the stills; a little easier in the full-sized video. Dude is torn to bits. Deep, old gouges down his sides, his face looks like he snogged a cheese grater. His hippity-hop is a little fuckity-wukt, but he’s getting around okay.

Makes me feel better about the prospects of the baby buns I keep taking away from herself. There’s a whole nest of them in the hedge behind the chicken house. Charlotte has dropped several at my feet, where they drag themselves painfully along the grass with their front legs until I go for the Adorable Bun Dispatching Shovel. Then they suddenly remember they have back legs and bound off.

I’m getting quite fond of this particular litter of bunnies. When I spend a lazy hour of an afternoon playing banjo in the garden, little buns come out and gambol about on the lawn. I shit thee not. It’s like the Disney Kool Aid Acid Test.

I guess they don’t associate banjo music with human activity.

July 5, 2011 — 9:41 pm
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