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Nice one

I dunno, this just popped into my head.

Per the article I linked yesterday, Obama supposedly warned Cantor “don’t call my bluff.” I’m sure he meant to say “don’t think I’m bluffing” because the Smartest President EVAR surely knows that the absolute crucial element of a successful bluff is to convince everyone around the table you totally, totally ARE NOT bluffing.


Good weekend, all!

p.s. I’ve just finished my third round through Dead Space 2 (loved it!). Help me choose my next computer game (platform: PC). I want something that’s been out for a while (no monies), something immersive and visually stunning. I choose things getting killed over puzzles; spooky games over pretty ones. Hate side-scrollers, love first person shooters. But I’ll adore anything that’s a pleasure to look at.

Despite the high ratings, I thought Amnesia looked stupid (if I get bored in the middle of your trailer, you’re doing it wrong). I’m leaning toward Batman: Arkham Asylum (£14.99). Or maybe Machinarium (£7.49). But, really, I’m kind of virgin territory for modern games — I haven’t played any of the major franchises since, like, Quake.

p.p.s. Christopher Taylor has a new book ($1.99) — and this one is for e-reader, finally!

July 15, 2011 — 9:06 pm
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