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We are all Meghan McCain

I love making fun of Meghan McCain. It’s so pleasantly guilt-free.

Normally, I would feel kind of sorry for anyone so badly and publicly used. Meghan’s friends in the media only love her because she is Republican and deliciously stupid. It is a signal characteristic of stupid people that they are too stupid to realize they’re stupid (really. There’s been science and stuff).

But Meghan pushes herself out there hard, and then is too stupid to realize it makes her a public figure. Fair game. Ripe for the ridiculing.

If you didn’t read Red State’s hilarious McCain parody, there are bits of it left here. Unfortunately, the context is a take-down letter from her lawyer.

This law blog has a most enjoyable (read: bitchy) post on why Meghan’s complaint is bogus and what to do about it.

Short answer: MOAR RIDICULE!

October 3, 2011 — 9:50 pm
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