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This is me, back when people liked me

I sat down to do a Photoshop of this picture, but I thought — what can I add? What can I possibly do to this picture to make it weirder or more embarrassing than it already is? Dude is reading a picture book about himself to a group of under-fives. (Anyhow, Nice Deb posted a Photoshop derived from the same image before I’d managed to scrape together an idea).

It’s not a book so much about him, actually, as First Dog Bo. The word balloon says “a puppy!!!” which I guess he must have announced from the presidential podium.

I looked it up on Amazon, so I could link to the actual book, but I can’t work out which one it is. It’s not Bo Obama: The White House Tails. I don’t think it’s Bo Obama: First Dog of the United States of America. Doesn’t look like Puppy Power Bo Obama #1 (sayyyyy…did they steal that from Scrappy Doo?). Not First Pooch: The Obamas Pick a Pet. I dunno. Maybe it’s The First Pup: The Real Story of How Bo Got to the White House. Definitely not First Dog of 1600 Pooch’lvania Avenue: My First Year in Arf! Arf! Office! or First Puppy’s New Home. Or First Dog or Bo, America’s Commander in Leash.

Geeeeeeez, people! I know first pets have been a part of the landscape since Nixon were a pup, but — get a grip!

October 5, 2011 — 10:37 pm
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