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The cheese stands alone

Ohhhhh…how do I love this NY Post article about President Lonelyheart mooching around the White House scuffing his foot (if you’re fussy about your news sources, here’s the Washington Post pushing the same story line).

I mean, no. Probably, on balance, it would be better if the most powerful man in America wasn’t bugshit insane. Or, rather, resentful, sulky and damn well inclined to lock himself in his room, chain smoke clove cigarettes and listen to Joni Mitchell albums all day.

Still, I had to watch the Obama blimp make its great gassy rise above the political landscape, and it feels so damned good to see it sink back to earth.

For all the chanting and styrofoam columns in the world, it will never rise again.

October 10, 2011 — 9:10 pm
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