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Twinkle on, you crazy minions!

Okay, because I love you guys, and because I sold you short last night, I made you a toy to play with. Yes I did!

I made two new emoticons for use in the comments, the twinkle and the down-twinkle. Apparently, when hippies congregate in large groups and struggle to make decisions, they wiggle their fingers at each other to signal approval or disapproval. No lie.

Here, I’ll let this young lady explain.

I didn’t actually call the emoticons twinkle and down-twinkle, because I’d have to tinker with the WP code (something I wouldn’t mind doing, except I’d have to REdo it every time I patched WordPress), I piggy-backed two existing built-in emoticons instead.

To invoke the twinkle, type the word “shock” with a colon on either side, or make a ‘shock’ face with an 8 followed by a capital O.

To invoke the down-twinkle, type the word “eek” with a colon on either side, or make an ‘eek’ face with a : followed by a lowercase o.

There ya go, wingnuts! Happy disapproving of stuff!

October 15, 2011 — 7:57 pm
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Oh, hi. You didn’t wait up did you? Oh, you did? Because I told you I’d be…

Look, I was only…

But the bus was…


That is so totally unfair!


Sorry. We went to see these guys. Which are sort of these guys. At least, they play their old material and include that guy who played the Flying V in the original band. But the old bass player has formed these guys under the same name and there’s lawsuits and bad feelings and all kinds of shit.

Anyway, they were really good. And it’s really late.

Have a great weekend!

— 12:05 am
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