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I have this little dream

O, what would I give to see Men of Color, Drunk/Sober, LGBT Youth, The Homeless, The Mentally Ill and Muslims all together in one place. And none of those gosh-darned policemen!

October 17, 2011 — 1:16 pm
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ZOMG! Totally like 99% of Americans

The caption reads: Transgender Anarchist Natalie Kobra Puke, from Russia. Go on, click. You know you want to see this one in color.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement: totally like 99% of us.

— 1:03 pm
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My favorite sign so far

Heh. Here’s somebody taking Occupy Wall Street with an appropriate amount of seriousness. Also, she’s going to get her wish.

If you’d like to join me bobbing for nutcakes on Flickr, the official keyword is occupiedwallstreet.

Or if you’d rather indulge in a little light reading, Breitbart is crowdsourcing some of the 49 megs worth of #ows emails that mysteriously turned up on Mediafire.

It’s adorable watching hippies community organize in real-time.

— 12:56 pm
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