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Electric kazoo, bitches!

Just in time for Christmas, the electric kazoo!

Yes, it’s real! And yes, it’s every bit as stupid and pointless as you think. (Also, yes, that’s a little teeny, tiny 9 volt Fender amp back there).

What? Look, I’m a banjo player. You were expecting taste?

December 1, 2011 — 9:09 pm
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Night of the nekkid lady

Tonight was the last night of my life drawing class. Sorry for the bad cellphone pic, but this is as close as you’re getting to this sucker.

Eh. It’s okay if you stand back here and squint. I was seated in a tough spot, with an unfortunate compositional hand/tit convergence, but there was no room to move my setup once I saw the pose.

Moar practice. I’ve already signed up for the next series in the new year.

Anyhoo. Late. Gotta run.

— 12:02 am
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