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Barack O’Baby

Hoo boy! Did this article ever get on my tits.

“I took a different path. And as Michelle reminds me, ‘You volunteered for this thing’.”

Poor baby.

That’s a weird tic. Is that a weird tic? Talking so much about how Michelle fusses at him? I guess the other presidents mentioned their wives a lot, but Michelle always plays the part of the Presidential Scolder in Chief.

She must be riding up on him like somebody else’s thong.

Oh, but the best is right at the end. When asked if he considered not running again, he said “no”:

“Not because our quality of life might not be better if I were not president. Not because Michelle is so enamoured with me being president. But because we both think that what we’re doing is really important for a lot of people”

Seriously. His quality of life. Really, he’s gritting his teeth and enduring the fleet of jets and the military escort and the staff and the house and the golf and the dinners and the little tune they play just for him when he walks into a room. And he’s doing it for us.

God, what a time to have a rotten Republican field.

December 15, 2011 — 10:34 pm
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