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Well, that worked. Pretty much.

This was a Christmas leftover, and Christmas is a time for buying stupid expensive stuff. How stupid expensive? Visit the website of this organic popcorn company and multiply the prices by 1.58.


I love this stuff, though. Despite the price and all the bullshit about Incan goddesses, this is one of my favoriter self-indulgences. Their popcorn pops almost completely — big, fat and tender. And it comes in awesome colors (not that it really shows in the final product).

This is the first time I’ve tried the Pop-A-Cob, though — a whole ear of popcorn with the kernels on. Throw it in the microwave in a bag, and thar she blows.

Well, mostly. They specify an 800 watt microwave and ours is just 600, so I think this is a pretty good result. It made two good-sized bowls of the stuff out of one little tiny cob and just a bit unpopped on the ends.

Of course, it’s nothing to proper old-fashioned movie popcorn, popped in coconut oil. Don’t get me started.

You ever want to spend a delightful afternoon strolling one of the hotter fever swamps on the Internet, chase down some of the pro- and anti- coconut oil pages out there. Good stuff.

I’m very much in the pro coconut oil camp. Though I’m sure fans grossly over-promise the benefits, I’m equally sure all those three-letter agencies haven’t the faintest freaking idea what they’re talking about. Especially regarding oils and fats.

Honestly, there’s more bullshit talked about nutrition than orgone, UFOs and the Blessed Virgin Mary put together.

February 6, 2012 — 11:31 pm
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