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Bad day, drink now

Ugh. I let a pot of turkey broth boil dry this afternoon. I mean *really* dry — I didn’t notice until I spotted the smoke pouring out of the kitchen window. Had to have all the windows and doors open for the rest of the day, which was bad because it’s cold.

And also because one of the hens has gone broody (yes, same daft bird as last year). I shut her out of the henhouse to keep her off the nest, so she kept wandering in the open doors complaining about being shut out of the henhouse. She spent the day zooming into the livingroom going “squa! Rarr! Nyer!” Which is like the chicken equivalent of that old lady pushing the shopping cart going “titties! Knickers! Assholes!”

Enough. Me for booze, bath and bed.

God, it stinks of immolated turkey carcass in this place.

April 10, 2012 — 10:04 pm
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