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Wait – I thought you guys *LOVED* Darwin…?

So, according to da pundits, we’re going to hear a lot of trash talk from Obama about Romney being a social Darwinist.

Social Darwinism is apparently the idea that if granny can’t support herself, she should do us all a favor and starve already. Turns out, nobody has ever believed in this idea except Ebeneezer Scrooge and maybe Ayn Rand hopped up on goofballs. But they’re going with it as a campaign theme.

Which is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesomely incompetent. Anybody at this moment who has the slightest effing idea what social Darwinism is already a firm believer in one side or the other.

The whole rest of America is going to be, like, “Darwin? Wasn’t he that evolution guy? So Romney is big into evolution? Is that a Mormon thing? Doesn’t Obama believe in evolution?” As slogans go – FAIL.

Speaking of social Darwinism…when did we decide our leaders shouldn’t be rich guys? Aren’t successful American men the very tippy-top of the Terran food chain? Is that what they’re campaiging against – x-treme competence? Good luck with that!

April 17, 2012 — 10:56 pm
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