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A tale of two presidents

I love this picture. It’s awesome when I don’t even have to Photoshop ’em.

Yeah, I’ve seen the caption about the Colombian hookers, but I think this picture is even funnier all by itself. It so nails these two guys.

I’m a charter member in the Bill Clinton H8ters of America, but I’ll give him this — dude loved being president. LOVED it. Remember his last day, Bush’s inauguration, and Clinton was in some hangar somewhere giving a farewell speech that dragged on and on and on until it was like one of those twelve-hour Castro TV performances where nobody could change the channel and people were dropping like flies?

When Bill left office, he left claw marks.

Now look at Obama’s face. Look at it and think about how deeply you have disappointed this man. Yes, you. You and your stubbornness and your ignorance and your inability to appreciate the awesomeness of Barack Obama.

Honestly, you people are lucky he’s even considering giving you another term.

Meanwhile, Pablo snagged the dick fair and square with Chuck Colson. You know what that means? See you Friday!

April 23, 2012 — 10:21 pm
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