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Mee-maw, that you?

Capitalism, like oxygen, expands to fill all available space.

I was looking for a Kindle version of Carole King’s new autobiography, Natural Woman, and that particular word combination turned up this guy.

His deal is, he finds old nudie pictures — old enough to be way out of copyright — collects them, Kindles them and sells the collections for a couple of quid each. Genius.

Amazon e-books are giving the old publishing houses the vapors, but all the attention so far has been on authors self-publishing their own titles.

Grandma Buttnekkid McNuderson here gives us a glimpse of a whole ‘nother universe of opportunity.

Think of all the bzillions of works out of copyright and kicking around the ‘net. Formatting those properly for Kindle adds genuine value. Plus an interesting introduction, a good cover, maybe some illustrations. Hell yes I’d pay a couple of bucks for that rather than struggle with the unformatted Project Gutenberg version.

Out of nothing, opportunity. Behold the free market!

April 24, 2012 — 8:42 pm
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