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Oh, how I love the easy ones

Oh, THANK you, Obama for your wonderful ham-handedness. In case you missed it in the comments, here is the new Forward logo in white on black and here it is black on white. Traced from the video, so it’s pretty close. These are probably big enough to roll your own t-shirts and bumper stickers, but I can supply other sizes or formats (including .psd) should anyone require.

Hm. It just occurred to me — “forward” is another way to say “stay the same.” A neat bookend to the “change” slogan of 2008, no?

Speaking of stupid, Obama could have had days of positive coverage on the anniversary of the bin Laden raid, without a peep of partisan dissent — if only he could’ve played it like a grownup. But no, he had to go and imply that Romney wouldn’t be man enough to, um, return a phone call. Handing Romney a personally autographed permission slip to utter the bestest one-liner of the political season:

Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.

Grossly unfair to Jimmy Carter, but it was wicked funny. Also, fuck it — Jimmy Carter.

Errors not so funny: is it a good idea to observe the anniversary of OBL’s death in Afghanistan? Even the Afghanis inclined to approve of us and disapprove of him can’t be filled with joy at the killing of a co-religionist. People take these things personally. And the Talibunnies must be fucking furious.

I admit, I’m lost in the regional/sectarian nuances of the Ummah, but this strikes me as a gesture that makes lives in danger more endangered.

May 1, 2012 — 10:26 pm
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