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Mutual of Freaking Omaha

Seriously, this is in my back yard. Actually, has been for a week. They don’t nest here; they nest up the canal somewhere. They come to this spot — mama, papa and seven cygnets — to catch the afternoon sun.

Thank goodness for the ditch between us. Papa swan lunges and hisses when I get close to take pictures. I’d just as soon not test the old wives’ tale that these things can break a man’s arm.

There’s another happy family unit up the creek aways, by our neighbor’s farm. Six babies plus two unhatched eggs. Sadly, just three babies this morning. Stupid foxes.

I saw our lot again this today and they’re all okay. So, woot.

Note to young persons and foreigners: the insurance company Mutual of Omaha once sponsored an iconic ’60s wildlife program called Wild Kingdom.

May 29, 2012 — 10:03 pm
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