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Global what now?

I called home and spoke to the folks last night. My dad informed me it was 107° in Nashville. Been over 100° for ages and no rain for weeks. They put out bowls of water for the birds.

And I’m thinking, “oh, hell, I bet the AGW crowd is making all kinds of hay out of this.”

So, please to be taking a good, hard look at my weather up there. That’s for reals, and that’s what it’s been all Summer: days in the mid-sixties, nights in the mid-fifties.

And I know what you’re thinking: the weather famously blows in England, but this is something special. Particularly the temperatures.

(That thing on Friday, with the sun and clouds and lightning and rains of fish and hail shaped like Winston Churchill’s pizzle? That’s totally typical for the seaside).

They’ve reached out for “CO2 causes every kind of scary weather!” in a panic, and we mustn’t let them go back to warmening just because it’s hot in July sometimes.

July 3, 2012 — 10:00 pm
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We has a winner

S2 takes the dick with Andy Griffith (congratulations; you know what to do).

The rest of you, back here. Friday. 6WBT.

— 7:44 pm
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