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Not too shabby…!

Yes, yes…the picture is sideways. All the better to display the wonder of the HONKING HUGE ROCKET.

Oh, I suppose some of you had rockets to beat this one all hollow, but this is pretty special for us. It was quick, smoky but very, very good.

But of course we celebrate the Fourth. Barbecue, beer, fireworks. Being a foreigner is like having a Jewish parent and a Catholic parent…you get ALLL the holidays.

On firework occasions (of which there are three: Guy Fawkes, New Years and the Fourth), we get a small pre-boxed assortment and one good rocket finale. Our local purveyor of Things that Go Boom likes us, I think. He always picks out the selections for us, chooses us a Ta Dum for the end and gives us a good price (rumor has it he makes the Bonfire Night fireworks himself in the basement, but I can neither confirm nor deny).

Oh, and there was one called Moons of Uranus which was nice, but not nearly as obscene as I hoped.

Hope you had/are having/will have a great Independence Day, depending on time zone.

July 4, 2012 — 10:07 pm
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