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So, this thing is in London

Tallest building in Europe, at least for now. It went live earlier tonight with a laser show.

Phew, and I thought the Pickled Gherkin was big and ugly.

I have a kind of thing about skylines. When I went away to art school, my mother drove me up to Rhode Island. I refused to stop for the night until we saw The Skyline of Providence. Next thing we knew, there was the Welcome to Massachusetts sign. (Yeah. Providence was smaller than I realized. It does have distinct and lovely skyline, but a little one).

This thing…and the Gherkin and the Millenium Dome all the other modern abominations visited onto London has really screwed up a lovely skyline (you can barely make out good old St Paul’s any more).

Oh, well. I guess Hitler started it.

Oooooh! Forgot to add: See you at 6pm WBT for the new Dead Pool!

July 5, 2012 — 10:45 pm
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