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A small man with a big…umm…heart

Behold, Matthias Buchinger (1674–1740) (or Matthew, as he lived much of his life in Britain), the proverbial man with no arms and no legs. Well, he had bits of arms and legs, but no hands and feet. He had little kind of flippery things.

…with which he played a half dozen musical instruments, was a crack shot and loved to build ships in bottles. He was also an accomplished magician, conjurer and card sharp. He made his living as an artist of insanely detailed engravings.

He engraved this self portrait, and if you look very closely (not in my little jpeg, obviously) you will see that the ringlets of his wig are composed of tiny Bible verses.

Oh, also he was married four times, had at least seventeen children by at least eight women, but was rumored to have fathered brats by seventy different ladies. He was so well known a cocksman that the 18th Century vajayjay was popularly known as Buchinger’s boot (which explains the smirk on his face).

What have you done today, Mr or Ms Smarty?

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July 12, 2012 — 10:27 pm
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