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Wherein Weasel admits defeat

Nope. Sorry. Over my head. Out of my league. There is absolutely nothing I can do to this photo to make it creepier than the original. I’m sorry, people who are Photoshopping this image — you are living a lie.

That there’s Jim Messina, campaign manager for Obama 2012 and world creepiest ginger. The idea belonged to deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, though. I guess you were supposed to write something on your flesh that you like about the Obama administration, take a picture and post it to the Twitter hashtag #forall.

That’s the kind of quirky, madcap kampaign kut-up that might have appealed to The Youth in 2008. No doubt that’s why these dweebs keep trying to float stuff like that.

But the 2008 campaign was like the Blair Witch Project — interesting idea, only works once. You can’t run a “what the hell, let’s give the new guy a try” campaign second time around.

Four years down the line, and it’s just sad. There you are, standing in front of a mirror with junk scribbled on your flesh in magic marker, looking every inch the kiddie-diddler.

September 19, 2012 — 10:52 pm
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