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Okay, then. How about this?

I tried to dabble a toe back into politics today, now that the holidays are pretty much past. Read a few headlines, browse a few articles.

No. No no no. No, sorry. No.

So, screw that noise. Let’s do something else. Again.

I give you — the largest coffee pot and coffee cup in the world. From Stanton, Iowa — “the White City” (I didn’t ask why it’s called that; it didn’t seem right). They are, of course, cleverly disguised water towers.

The pot is 36 feet high and 20 feet wide. It holds 640,000 cups or 40,000 gallons. The cup is 96 feet tall, holds 2,400,000 cups of coffee or 150,000 gallons.

In 2001, the cup tower was entered in the trade association’s national “Tank of the Year” competition and won first place. The makers of the cup, Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc., had entered the contest every year since the beginning — that’s fifteen years! — and this was their first win.

If I told you they were a Swedish coffee pot and cup, would that give the game away? Of course it would! Stanton, Iowa is the birthplace of Virginia Christine — but you know her as Mrs Olson!

So join me in hoping everyone in DC dies horribly in a fire and goes straight to hell!

January 2, 2013 — 10:47 pm
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Have you ever heard a chicken sigh?

Oof. Sorry. Got all jammed up today. So please enjoy this snapshot of my chickens.

It’s been raining for weeks here. Raining and windy. We’ve had floods and villages cut off and everything.

Rain means chickens don’t come out. “Mad as a wet hen” is a real thing. I tiptoe out in my silly rain hat, open the chicken house…and there they are, glowering back like the Four Chickens of the Apocalypse.

But today, it was sunny! And, oh – the time they had. They went places they aren’t supposed to go and ate things they aren’t supposed to eat (styrofoam, poisonous rhubarb leaves and bits of coal, mostly). It was chicken heaven.

It’s back to chicken apocalypse tomorrow.

— 12:04 am
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