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Bend over — here it comes!

“What’re you in for, son?”

Garlic smuggling.

It tells you all you need to know about food taxes here that you’ll make an extra £8 million if you can smuggle your ton of Chinese garlic past the tax man.

Hey — been shopping? I don’t know about the States, but over here…oh, my sweet, fancy Moses! Have the prices gone up since Christmas! They kept everything steady and ran lots of sales before the holidays, but now…let ‘er rip!

Like most people (I assume), we buy the same things over and over, so we notice. Cheap cat food by the six pack: £2.99 a fortnight ago, £3.50 today. Butter, £1 to £2. Liquor…no, I don’t even want to talk about liquor.

I’m taking up smack. It’s cheaper.

And the sneaky bastards are covering it up. First, the sneaky bastards at the supermarket are all touting this “brand match” thing. They’re holding prices fairly even on the big brand name products, where they have a lot of margin to play with, and steadily rising the price of the lesser brands, store brands and generics. So the register receipts say, “you saved £5 today!”…on the price of Heinz beans or Smirnoff vodka, while the basic, minimum cost of eating goes up and up.

Second, the sneaky bastards in government are pegging inflation to things like house prices and new cars. Well, sure…house prices have dropped. And everybody’s terrified to buy the big ticket items like cars, if they don’t absolutely have to, so no. Those aren’t going up, either. Yay, no inflation!

Meanwhile, back in Meatworld, where people must eat, wear clothes, heat the house and gas up the car before they do anything else, costs are galloping away. Food and energy. Through. The. Freaking. Roof.

And if our farmer neighbors are any indication, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Costs of grain and other animal feeds went up sharply this year. So, to avoid having to feed herds and flocks through the Winter, many of them took the loss and sold off as much livestock as they dared in the Fall. So there’s an abundance of meat on the market…until it’s gone.

Oh, what larks!

January 9, 2013 — 10:47 pm
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Putting the ‘I’ in ‘merchandise’

Oh, hey, I keep forgetting to mention — I did put together some “let it burn” bumper stickers and shirts and stuff. Let me know if you have other ideas or you’d like on other objects…Zazzle makes all kinds of odd things now, like clocks and iPad cases.

Personally, I think my favorite is just the plain black type on white — which
means you could just as easily put it on a shirt or bumpersticker yourself and
save the royalties. But do remember, your fifty cents enables a weasel to
buy a can of store brand kidney beans!

— 3:29 pm
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