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Apparantly, Amazon doesn’t think I’m a serious person

So, presumably based on their spectacular powers of psychic detection, Amazon recommended this to me: Black & White Wiggly/Wobbly/Googly Eyes 100pk.

A hundred pack! Because I guess a dozen Wiggly/Wobbly/Googly eyes wasn’t going to cut it for all my googly eye needs.

I’ve never bought anything arty or crafty from Amazon. I have no idea where this shit came from.

Oh, the best part is that thirty two Amazonians bothered to rate their Wiggly/Wobbly/Googly Eye purchase. Most people were delighted by their Wiggly/Wobbly/Googly Eye experience. And then there was this guy:

Bought these in the hope of using them for random stuff, unfortunately, not all of them have a sticky back, only the small ones do, which makes most of the pack useless, pretty unhappy with them to be honest.

Unhappy. Let down. Disappointed. Wanted to stick them on random stuff. Thwarted.

What, me? Okay, yes. Yes. I was tempted.

January 16, 2013 — 9:24 pm
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Oooo…you guys’re making maniac outta me…!

No, not YOU guys. I mean, the guys weighing in on the gun control who speak in hushed tones of semi-automatics. People who ought to know better. Even people who claim to be pro-gun.

It’s such a simple, easy-to-grasp point that, I submit to you, anyone talking about the issue of gun control without demonstrating that they know what a semi-automatic is should be automatically disqualified. You’re either trying to put one over on people, or you’re too ignorant to count.

Go. Sit in the corner.

In the world of handguns, there are some strange, one-of-a-kind beasties primarily used for target shooting, but those specialist dealies aside, the following is true:

A semi-automatic handgun is most of them.

The other word for semi-automatic handgun is pistol.

A semi-automatic handgun is every handgun that is not a revolver. You know, not a wheelgun. Not a cowboy gun. If it would look stupid in a cowboy movie (but not a spy movie), it’s a semi-automatic.

smallest semi-auto every commercially manufactured

In fact, technically, a double-action revolver is a semi-automatic. Because after you pull the trigger, it gets the next round ready to go. Which is all that semi-automatic means: it gets the next round ready to go. You still have to pull the trigger again. You pull the trigger once for every round fired, m’kay? You just don’t have to cock it every time.

That’s what semi-automatic means: you don’t have to cock it again by hand after you fire the first shot.

A semi-automatic is not an automatic. It is not a machine gun. You don’t mash the trigger and a bunch of bullets fly out. It doesn’t fire bigger bullets. It doesn’t fire more powerful bullets. It doesn’t hold more bullets.

A semi-auto is dangerous. That’s its job. But if you’re talking about banning them, you’re talking about a nation-wide gun confiscation.


— 12:13 am
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