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back yard artichoke

Well. Not to go all Pollyanna on your asses, but it would seem every variation in weather is ideal condition for something and our shit Winter has had some interesting side effects. Everyone’s roses are spectacular this year (we have…eight, I think). A whole patch of opium poppies have sprung up were they were not deliberately planted (it is legal to grow somniferum in the garden here, but not to harvest). The elder flower was especially impressive all over the county (meaning mucho elderberries in the Fall).

And this guy, my back yard artichoke. Made it through the Winter and is busy growing three heads (as you do). This sucker was at the optimum harvesting age, before the thistle begins to open. Not the biggest ‘choke ever, but sweet and tender.

The perks of marrying a gardener who likes a challenge.

July 9, 2013 — 9:51 pm
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