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Lookit that face…

Just lookit those faces. The seated man with the umbrella and goggles (lookit his face!) is an anti-fracking protester, who has chained himself to…something. The standing man (just lookit his face!) is waiting for a saw (being handed to him, bottom right) to cut the silly young man loose.

This is the sleepy village of Balcombe in West Sussex. They aren’t even trying to frack there. Not yet, anyway. The oil company wants to dig an exploratory hole six inches wide to see what the situation is.

That was enough to bring the hippie circus to town. Protestors have also glued themselves together on site, and blocked access with an antique fire engine. Because, England.

It’s almost as if lefties hate cheap energy…

August 1, 2013 — 10:38 pm
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