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And then this lady

This is Cecilia Gimenez. You know her as the elderly Spanish cleaning lady who effed up that mural of Jesus last year. I know, she looks so normal. I pictured her as a tiny hunched up old thing, dressed in a big black sack and shuffling around with a besom. I guess my national mental stereotypes need a little touching up.

Well, she’s rich. Well, not rich rich, but her art has made about $66,000 for her little town, which has gone to a local charity. They charged admission to the church to peep at it. Behold, the power of the internet.

Now Cecilia’s going to get a little. She’s penning an agreement that gives her 49% of the profits of the merchandizing. T-shirts, coffee mugs, that sort of thing.

I suspect Cecilia’s about to learn something else remarkable about the internet: it has the attention span of a fruit fly. Monkey Jesus was, like, a whole year ago.

August 14, 2013 — 10:49 pm
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