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Mmmmm…nope. No idea. But he and an hundred-fifty of his friends can be yours, p’raps, for the modest sum of £150.

I get at least one mailing a day for an upcoming auction. This one is from Fraser’s Autographs and there are some interesting things in the catalogue. Not just plain autographs, but sketches and photographs. Worth a browse.

Because this one is being handled online by The Saleroom, you — yes, even you! — can sign up, give them a credit card and bid in the auction, either ahead of time or in real time on the day, though I don’t know if I’d trust a webcam across the Atlantic for anything involving money. And because these are little things, you could probably get them to put your items in an envelope and stick them in the mail.

Don’t ask me about the time I was the winning bid for a lovely…a big, lovely mahogany chest in Shropshire.

September 12, 2013 — 10:01 pm
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